The practise of mummification was common among early cultures in many corners of the ancient world. With the onset of the Dark Ages and the plagues, the art of Mummification began to diminish and almost die out.

In 1975 however, an organisation called Summum, first introduced the public to Modern Mummification – a form of mummification that Summum claims uses modern techniques along with aspects of ancient methods. Based in the states, Summum has continued to research, develop, and refine this exoteric art and science.

The following outlines how you are cared for through Summum’s Mummification of Transference service:

” Once you have passed away, your body is transported to the funeral home that was designated by you or your family. There it is prepared to accommodate any viewing or funeral service you may want.

” Following the funeral services, under the guidance of the funeral home, it can be shipped to the states (see link on how to “Remove a body from England & Wales”) where Summum begin and carefully conduct your Mummification, over several months using a chemical process that is supposed to maintain the body’s natural look.

” Upon completion, your body is sealed inside your Mummiform or casket.

” Your Mummiform or casket can then laid to rest in a sanctuary or mausoleum or buried in a vault in the cemetery of your choice.

Although Summum reports that people were mummified early on, when the organization initially developed its process, the majority of mummifications so far carried out by Summum have been on deceased beloved pets, at the request of their owners. According to some sources however, several thousand people from all walks of life have already signed up to be mummified themselves when their time comes, Mohamed al-Fayed, the owner of the London department store Harrods, reportedly being one of them.

There is no set fee for mummification, but a “donation” of about £45,000 is required before you can be accepted, and paired together with the additional costs and red tape involved in getting your body to the states and back, it is not a cheap option. By pre-planning and using specially designed insurance/finance packages however, it is an option that appears quite possible if it takes your fancy.