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Burial Options

Traditional funerals, with a graveside ceremony, are dwindling as people look to arrange more fitting tributes to a lost family member or friend.

Below we have outlined a few options and burial alternatives if you do not like the idea of simply being placed in a grave with minimal thought.

Traditional Burial

Single Or Double Plots

You can reserve single or double burial slots so that you can be joined by a friend or family member at a later date when you both have passed. You can also get family slots, that are more expensive if you want multiple family members together

Burying Ashes

You can reserve ashes interment slots at cemeteries to bury the ashes of a loved one or multiple people.

Burial Alternatives

Direct Cremation

A cheaper alternative to a standard cremation is the growing trend of direct cremation. This is basically a cremation without a service. The body is collected by the company and cremated at a specific time, the remains are then delivered back to you and you are free to plan a separate celebration that doesn’t include all of the regular church/crematorium business. This leads us to a celebration of life

Celebration of Life – Having a Party Instead of a Funeral

If you don’t have a traditional funeral or cremation, then what can you do? How about getting friends and family together at a meaningful location or just somewhere local and having a celebration of life, not mourning. This is ever common and popular. You are in control of how you celebrate.

Humanist Funeral

This is a non religious funeral service, usually held at a crematorium, but again, it can be anywhere if you have opted for something like a direct cremation above. There are usually non religious songs and readings by family and friends and the service is taken by a humanist celebrant,

Woodland Burial

There are a growing number of sites that accommodate a woodland burial. This is where the body is buried amongst a woodland, in nature. Again, this can be non-religious or religious and the locations typically have a room where family and friends can gather. Read more on woodland burials in our guide.

There are many alternatives to burial, most very practical, some slightly bizarre – but all potentially possible if that’s what you want.

For many years, it has been the norm to have the resting place of the dead being ‘6 feet under. However, burials are slowly being ditched for alternative ways of conducting funerals. In some cultures, cremation has been practiced and it has caught up with many more people across the world. The following are alternatives to burial and cremation:

Home Burial

Yes – it is actually possible to be buried in your garden for all eternity. This can be conducted by someone of your choice or simply part of a DIY funeral.
Read our guide to get all the facts and laws required to be buried at home.

Organ / Body Donation

Some call body donation giving your body to science. Thanks to body donation, there came about developments in the medical field since medical experiments were done on cadavers. Organ donation is possible because after a person dies, some of the body parts can remain healthy and can be transplanted to recipients. It is ironic that it would take losing one life to save another one in such cases.

Burial at Sea

The land is not the only place where the bodies of the dead may be disposed of. The sea is a chosen place of final rest for many who love the sea, sailors especially. Sea burials aka being buried at sea are also not costly because the body is wrapped up in cloth then tossed into the sea.

Coral Reef Burial

We have lived on the earth and at the end of our lives, we shall become one with it. It is possible to become a coral reef, thanks to the Eternal Reef company. Cremation would have to happen prior to this because your ashes are to be put into a coral reef, which is then deposited in the sea.


This practice that was conducted in ancient Egypt has gained popularity in recent years. Mummification has been modernized and embraced by people in various parts of the world. After the wrapping up of the body, it is then submerged into a tank that has liquids that can preserve the body.

Sky Burial (Exposure)

Exposure is the most natural way of disposing of a body. The body is left to elements of nature and to wild animals. Such bodies may rot or be eaten by wild animals and scavengers. Sky burials have been commonly practiced in Tibet, where the land is too rocky to dig for burial and there are no resources for cremation.


Could you imagine being a plastic-like body after being a living and breathing human? This is possible thanks to plastination, which is the process of removing all liquids from a body and sucking it dry, whilst leaving tissue mass only. The body is then preserved, preventing it from decaying. Depending on your wishes, it can then be used for educational purposes. Talk of living, learning, then dying and helping the living to learn.

Cremation Alternative

Some other cremation alternatives include


An award-winning solution from the UK. Cryomation uses Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the body to -196 degrees, the body is then fragmented, foreign metal objects removed, excess moisture and then what you are left with are the simplified remains.


A Potential Solution in which the body is broken down into an ash-like state using water – Promession was created in Sweden and seen as an environmentally friendly alternative to cremation.

Resomation (Bio-Cremation)

If the thought of strong chemicals that dissolve body cells during dissolution does not please you, resomation may be an option for you. Resomation is an eco-friendly option because alkali and water-based solutions are used in decomposing the body. This is done while under high pressure, breaking down the body to liquid and bone ash. This liquid can then be recycled. It can be poured onto a garden or natural spaces. The bone ash can be put in an urn.

Cryonic Preservation

Sci-fi movies have featured cryogenic freezing a number of times. This futuristic method of preserving bodies is still being explored and researched. It is considered that if a person is brain-dead, their body can be frozen and possibly revived one day. It sure is a controversial topic as well.


If being cremated does not please you; having your body being burnt and imagining the discomfort your family will have with the sight of it and the associated smells, aquamation may be an option for you. Aquamation is the process of speeding up the deterioration process using water.


If you are a fan of crime movies, this may sound familiar. Dissolution is the process of dissolving a body using strong chemicals. Usually, the body parts may be separated and then dipped into a tank that has strong chemicals. The body then quickly breaks down and dissolves.

Live and die majestically

In the face of death, a life fully lived will be worth it all. After living majestically, you may opt to have a majestic send-off. Luckily, you will have options since there are alternatives to burial and cremation and more people are now open-minded, embracing these methods and respecting the wishes of the dead. Choose a non-traditional burial method. You may make your wish known to your family and loved ones so that they may see to it when the time comes.