Burial, Cremation and other Alternatives

The slightly awkward question of what to do with your body when it’s no longer needed by you, usually leads people down the traditional route – church/cemetery burial, or cremation, via the local undertakers.

There are a many alternatives, most very practical, some slightly bizarre – but all potentially possible if that’s what you want.

Below is a list of the options. Each link will then take you to a page with a brief description of what it entails, and contact details of companies that offer those services where relevant.

traditional coffin
Traditional Burial

Six foot under


woodland burialGreen / Woodland / Natural Burial

Burial with the environment in mind



Going up in smoke is at present still the most popular way out in the UK


Home Burial

Yes – it is actually possible


organ and body donationOrgan / Body Donation

How to help others after you’re gone.


burial at seaBurial at Sea

Not just for Naval personnel, it’s an option available to all.


resomationResomation (Bio-Cremation)

Innovative new alternative for body disposal.



An award winning solution from the UK



A Potential Solution from Sweden


Cryonic Preservationcryonics-

Deep freeze with future life possibilities



Body preservation the old fashioned way


sky-burialSky Burial

Tibetan alternative



Become a work of art?